A patient explains how a former job has been outsourced to another country. What impact has globalization had on the economy?

Question 1 Statistics for 2008 to 2009 indicated that 20.7% of children lived in poverty. What health implications can be drawn from this statistic?

Select all that apply.

1. These children run a higher risk of poor overall health status.

2. Public health clinics can provide preventive care.

3. Medicaid assistance can enable these children to receive health care.

4. Increased funding for children’s health has resulted from these statistics.

Question 2 Which criterion limits access to health care?

1. No public transportation

2. Employment opportunities

3. Transition programs for newly arrived legal residents

4. Advocacy groups for immigrants

Question 3 A patient in the Emergency Department is concerned about the cost of treatment because of no financial income. What areas would the nurse include when assessing this patient?

Select all that apply.

1. Preventive care

2. Nutritional status

3. Number of accidents

4. Shelter

5. Status of current immunizations

Question 4 While taking the health history, a Black Hispanic patient tells the nurse about having difficulty finding employment. The nurse realizes that which is a factor that causes income disparity within this segment of the population?

1. Shift to labor requiring higher technological skills

2. Increase in the real minimum wage potential

3. Increase in traditional labor skills for these groups

4. Shift of skilled jobs to unskilled labor

Question 5 The nurse notes that a larger number of foreign-born patients are being seen in the hospital. From which countries are the majority of foreign-born legal permanent residents?

Select all that apply.

1. Mexico

2. China

3. India

4. Europe

5. South America

Question 6 A patient explains how a former job has been outsourced to another country. What impact has globalization had on the economy?

1. Increased income inequality for some groups in the United States

2. Improved income for all minority groups in the United States

3. Increased membership in labor unions

4. Decreased immigration

Question 7 Legal permanent residents tend to initially settle in urban areas. What can be inferred from this?

1. Employment may be found but will probably be in lesser-paying jobs.

2. Unemployment will not be a concern.

3. Employment is easy to obtain in urban areas.

4. Income earning potential is higher.

Question 8 A foreign-born patient tells the nurse about preparing for the naturalization exam. What kinds of questions will be on this exam?

Select all that apply.

1. Questions about the Constitution

2. Parts of the US government

3. Who makes federal laws

4. The number of justices on the Supreme Court

5. Words of the US national anthem

Question 9 While shifts in the population profile are occurring, what is an important consideration to address in health care?

1. Cultural health needs of varying groups must be considered.

2. Health care needs to be streamlined for consistent care delivery.

3. More physicians need to be trained to deliver health care.

4. Health care providers need to be younger to care for an aging population.

Question 10 According to the 2010 Census, the percentage of the 65+ population of White non-Hispanics is at 13%. How will health planning needs be affected by this percentage?

1. This population will have greater demands on the health care system as it ages.

2. Planning needs for other segments of the population can be revised downwards.

3. There is no need to increase manufacture of childhood immunizations.



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