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Based on the readings below ; CO-1: Evaluate evidence that shows WMDs are used by terrorists; CO-2: Analyze the effect of CBRN weapon use on targeted populations; CO-3: Examine the potential effects of agroterrorism, as a sub-set of biological terrorism
Examine the potential effects of agroterrorism, as a subset of biological terrorism, on the United States agricultural sector and economy. How significant threats do you view agroterrorism?What should be done to protect against this hazard?
Chalk, P. (2003). Agroterrorism: What is the threat and what can be done about it. Santa Monica, CA: Rand Corp.
Franz, D.R. (2005). Threats and Risks to U.S. Agriculture: An Overview. 129-137.
Gyles, C. (2010). Agroterrorism. The Canadian Veterinary Journal, 51(4), 347.
Roberge, L. F. (2015). Agriculture, Biological Weapons and Agrobioterrorism: A Review. EC Agriculture, 1(4). 182-200.
Olson, D. (2012). Agroterrorism: Threats to America’s economy and food supply. FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, 81(2). 1-9.
No less than 600 words and no less than 3 sources. APA Format
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