American College of California MinorityLand Response

You must write a response paper for EACH of the required shows. All papers written in response to a live performance must be TWO (2) FULL pages, 1.5 spacing, 12 pt Times New Roman font. They should include a BRIEF (1 paragraph) plot synopsis, a thorough assessment of the racial/ cultural/ sexual ideology in the play, discussion of cultural/ historical/ racial significance in our society today as well as historically, and parallels that can be made to “in-class” reading, projects, and lecture topics, as applicable. YOU MUST STAPLE YOUR TICKET STUBS TO THE PAPER, WRITE YOUR NAME ON EACH STUB AND GIVE THEM TO THE T.A. TO RECEIVE FULL CREDIT FOR YOUR PAPER. REMEMBER, WRITE YOUR NAME ON EACH TICKET!!!!! A PAPER WITH NO TICKET STUBS WILL RECEIVE AN AUTOMATIC ZERO. NO EXCEPTIONS. DUE DATES ARE LISTED IN THE COURSE CALENDAR.

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