Author Who Turns Classics Into Children

writer will read article attached below and relate to the information provided in the book page attached.Instruction:A two paragraph paper summarizing a current (meaning no more than 6 months old) newspaper or magazine article and its relevance to one concept in the textbook is required. My intent is to have each student show their understanding of how the material covered in the class is mirrored in every day life. Any chapter in the text can be used at any time in the semester.The first paragraph must be a summary of the article. The second paragraph must discuss the relevance of the article to the textbook and indicate the chapter that is being used. The article is worth 15 points provided the paper, along the article, is submitted together. A URL will not substitute for a copy of the article. I am looking for fully developed paragraphs with references to the text material.This can be turned in one week prior to the due date or on the due date. There are many free online newspapers. I receive the New York Times. They have a nice email feature or a printable feature that can be used for a cut and paste into the assignment itself. You aren’t restricted to the NY Times. It’s just a suggestion. The Wall Street Journal or Voice of San Diego is formatted in a similar manner. However, you may not use a blog.Spelling and grammar are part of the grading and deductions will be taken if there are errors in these areas.
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