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I have worked in the emergency department for the past 6 ½ years and can say I have seen many different EBP findings incorporated into our work environment. Whether it is in regards to trauma and resuscitation or safety and the environmental hazards, they all have been beneficial to learning along the way. The one that I have found to be most memorable is the practice of allowing family member to be present at the resuscitation or invasive procedures of their relative. This has been taken effect and discussed in different areas over the past twenty years. Family centered care and their involvement in decisions have been proven to be helpful to the family involved. Although, this can be hard to see by their loved ones, it is their decision whether or not to be present. Having someone with the family to help them understand what is going on is very detrimental to the decision to be present. It can be difficult to understand what is happening. Having someone comfort and discuss the situation with the patient can give them a little bit of ease in such a difficult time. 

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