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EXProxy is designed to listen to HTTP requests and responses going throw it. It has also the ability to modify on the fly requests and/or responses. For HTTP over SSL, it uses the “man in the middle” principle, and so will generate on you internet browser warnings about certificates.
Give EXProxy a try to fully assess its capabilities!







EXProxy With Product Key [32|64bit]EXProxy Full Crack is a server proxy daemon implementing a local intercepting proxy. It is designed to listen to HTTP requests and responses going throw it. It has also the ability to modify on the fly requests and/or responses.
One of EXProxy Activation Code’s advantages over other Apache proxies is that it serves your HTTP traffic directly and transparently to your applications (i.e. there is no need to have a separate web server running). The configuration you give is used to configure your applications for a remote, two-way HTTP protocol.
It is important to notice that with EXProxy, both your http/1.0 and http/1.1 applications work correctly.
The following features are supported:
Proxy to local URL and Ip address
Proxy to remote URL and Ip address
Replace the connection with a custom one
Replace the full URL before the connection is sent
Replace the Content-Type with the content-type you specify in a custom header
On the fly encryption of the connection (X-EXProxy-Encryption option)
On the fly encryption of the responses (X-EXProxy-Encryption option)
Replace the Host Name of the custom headers (X-EXProxy-Host option)
Change the content type of the custom headers (X-EXProxy-Type option)
Add HTTP server headers as custom headers to responses and requests (X-EXProxy-Headers option)
Man in the middle (MITM) mode
Valid X-EXProxy requests and responses for web browsers
Custom session ID
Resolve custom headers
And much more!
Hope this answer helps!
From the ProxyTunnel documentation:
ProxyTunnel is a reverse proxy that intercepts and modifies HTTP and HTTPS traffic. It can intercept requests made by web browsers and other applications, and it can modify headers and responses as well as anything else.
If you want to proxy your own URL, ProxyTunnel is the answer.
It also has an interesting set of features, including:
unlimited interception
bounce back when errors occur
man in the middle
web proxy
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EXProxy Crack+ With Product Key Free For PCYou can specify a custom list of proxies that can listen on connections to a
given public address (IP), port and local port.
The home page is a list of proxies. You can add, edit and delete them.
When you add a proxy, it will:
probe the address.
probe the port.
List the proxy’s name with a purpose.
Add the headers to the response.
Some headers like the referrer should be sent to the other party’s browser, and are common in web applications.
Enable/disable the proxy depending on the port.
Send back the results of the request.
The home page offers three options for adding a proxy:
add new proxy.
refresh all the proxies.
delete all the proxies.
A proxy is composed of:
an address.
a port.
a list of variables to add.
For example, to add the proxy and UDP:77 for all requests, you would write:
For TCP responses, you should use 0 instead of 77
With that you can enter the variables without the initial colon.
To see the list of available variables, click on the Edit button in the
Proxy home page.
When you save a proxy you must:
enter the address.
enter the port number.
You can add multiple proxies with the same address and ports.
When you add a variable to a proxy, you must:
enter the name of the variable.
enter the value of the variable.
is a valid address with a parameter named test and a value of 77.
When you save a proxy, EXProxy Activation Code will do an internal cache in order to avoid entering the same variables multiple times.
The cache is cleared when you add a new proxy, or when you set the cache to 1000 (or any number).
EXProxy will generate a warning when you save proxies with different names or different numbers.
For more information on the cache, see the help page.
When you need to add a new proxy, enter the address, port, variables to

EXProxy Crack + Free DownloadEXProxy is an enhancement over the standard Web Proxy Server, that allows sending http requests and receiving http responses from the same browser.
It allows to forward, remove some headers from requests, and modify the requests. It also allows to forward request through a number of third party caches.
EXProxy has no cache. It can only read HTTP headers and modify them. If it finds a header that does not have the “X-Forwarded-For” header with an appropriate hostname in it, it will set the “X-Forwarded-For” header to the relevant IP address. It can also modify any header it finds to be removed from the request.
It has one main function:
Give a user an already made authenticated http request. Or, better, a cookie that tells EXProxy what to do with the authenticated request.
It will read the headers from the original request, read through the headers EXProxy has, and will generate a modified request/response. (Keep in mind this is an abstraction layer, and the requests/responses must be in the HTTP 1.1 PUT, POST, DELETE, etc. or other verbs, not just GET)
It will then set the “X-Forwarded-For” header with the relevant IP address from your own location, and then it will forward the request. (This is the only time that EXProxy itself is sending a request and/or receiving a response. For example, if it got a 200 response, it will be sending the response to the user who made the original request)
The functions can be simply explained in an edited flow chart. I think it is a little clearer if you watch the video.
Please note it takes a while to get it working properly. It’s really a “housekeeping” system that has a lot of internal dependencies that need to be set up just right to be able to work. For example, you need to allow port 8080 to be opened up.
All that said, though, it is capable of doing more than I have been able to build into my “inventive” proxy system I’ve been working on for some time.
Get it to work, and then tell me what you think of it.
I don’t understand the question but since you already have a proxy server, you can use it to do what you want.
You should be able to configure it to do what you are asking.

What’s New In EXProxy?– Catch ALL HTTP transactions, and automatically identify and block malicious HTTP requests.
– Negotiate SSL certificates for all HTTPS requests you will receive from behind EXProxy
– Extract parameter data from traffic and automatically insert it into the following request!
– Manipulate on the fly response: including substituting response contents, changing text fields, and adding/deleting fields.
– Capture and interpret HTTP response codes
– Use custom “*” wildcards to substitute variable content values in Request & Response headers, and in body content.
– Capture custom HTTP headers
– capture custom HTTP cookies
Proxy-agent is a powerful caching proxy that can be used by all network programs to make internet networks more efficient, this cache proxy can cache whole Internet sites or single pages. It can be used as a proxy to cache mobile phone network websites, internet video, download websites and many more. It’s also very suitable for internet video streaming and enterprise networks.
Igniproxy Proxy Server is a proxy server used as a load balancing and reverse proxy server. It provides a platform for administrators to build, manage, and deploy proxies on their networks. This software can create a high performance and scalable load balancer based on multi-server proxy clustering.
OptimizedProxy 0.6 is a powerful and comprehensive source code analyzer and compiler tool. It is a key component in any successful optimization effort. It helps to find a lot of problems in the code with a minimal amount of effort. It is both a static analysis tool and a compiler.
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System Requirements For EXProxy:The minimum PC configuration recommended is a system with the following specifications:
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core, Intel Core Duo, Intel Pentium Dual Core, Intel Core 2 Quad, AMD Athlon Quad, Intel Core i7, AMD Opteron, AMD Phenom, Intel Celeron.
RAM: 4GB (Note: The game requires at least 2GB of RAM for all resolutions. See the minimum hardware requirements for more details)
GPU: DirectX 11-compatible graphic card. (See the


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