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Part 3 Project – Fundamental Analysis (10% of Grade)

This project has five components.Each component is allocated a specific number of percentage points, which total 10% of your final course grade.
Part 1: Obtaining information (1%)
Select one publicly-traded stock that you find interesting.

Compute or obtain the following information for your company.

Sector and industry
Recent price, total shares outstanding, market capitalization, beta, earnings per share, dividend amount per share
Short interest numbers
Institutional ownership percent; institutional trading sentiment (i.e., number of buyers versus the number of sellers)
5 largest recent insider trades; note whether insiders are buying or selling
Recent analyst recommendations
Name and salary of CEO and the next highest ranking officer
Chart of stock prices over the last few years

Compute or obtain the following ratios

inventory turnover, asset turnover, current ratio, debt-to-equity
gross margin (TTM and 5-year avg), profit margin (TTM and 5-year avg)
dividend payout ratio, dividend yield
P/E ratio, price-to-sales ratio, price-to-book, price-to-cash flow
Other ratios you feel are important

Place the company ratios in a table along with the industry and sector ratios as follows:
Perform a DuPont analysis of the ROE
Estimate a required rate of return (use CAPM, Dividend Discount Model, or both)
Using at least two multipliers, estimate a target price
Perform a SWOT analysis
A brief description of the firm’s business
A description of the firm’s strengths and weaknesses as indicated by your ratio and SWOT analyses
An analysis of the sentiment indicators (i.e., short interest, institutional owners, analyst recommendations, and insider trading)
Your target price and the rationale for this target price
Your buy, sell, or hold decision

ABC Steel







Current ratio




Part 2: Estimates and Analysis (1%)
Complete the following for your firm:

Part 3: Recommendation (4%)
Make a buy, sell, or hold recommendation for you company.Write a one-page (maximum), single-spaced report summarizing your findings and supporting your decision. Write the summary as if you were writing to the investing public, convincing them that your buy, sell, or hold decision is correct.The summary should include the following, but please do not use subheadings:
Part 4: Post Recommendation (2%)
Post your recommendation in part 3 in the relevant discussion board in Canvas so others can view it.To post, you can copy and paste the recommendation from your Word document.
Part 5: Vote For Best Recommendation (2%)
After the due date, read all the recommendations.After reading, select the one you think is the most compelling aside from your own.Email the instructor your selection ( student with the most votes will receive 10 extra points on test 3.Votes are due three days after the project due date.
How and What to Turn In
The project should be the turned in as one Word (or similar) file.The summary (Part 3) should be the first page, followed by Part 2 and then Part 1.The project should be neat and organized.Put your name in your Word document, and email the file to the instructor directly ( or through the Canvas messaging system.Within three days after the due date, email the instructor your vote for the best recommendation.
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