government essay please make sure to tie your essay to the summary

Summarize a news event involving the US government taken from a reputable source such as CNN, Fox, BBC, etc.
i.Summaries must be at least 100 words in length
b. Analyze the eventâ€s tie to your text
.i. Each analysis should clearly tie your event to material from the textbook.
ii. Each analysis should be at least 250 words in length
c. Predict the effects of their event
i. Effects are a subjective analysis in which students will use prior knowledge of different cause and effect relationships within the structure of US government policy to predict an outcome of their chosen event
ii. Predictions should be at least 50 words in length
Please make sure to tie the essay to the summary below:
Bureaucracy is a method of organizing people and work, based on the principles of hierarchical authority, job specialization, and formalized rules. As a form of organization, bureaucracy is the most efficient means of getting people to work together on tasks of great magnitude and complexity. It is also a form of organization that is prone to waste and rigidly, which is why efforts are always being made to reform it. The United States could not be government without a large bureaucracy. The day-to-day work if the federal government, from mail delivery to provision of social security to international diplomacy, is done by Federal agencies. Federal employees work in roughly for hundred major agencies, including cabinet departments, independent agencies, regulatory agencies, government agencies, and presidential commissions. Yet the bureaucracy is more than simply an administrative giant. Administrators have discretion when making policy decisions. In the process of implementing policy the make important policy and political choices. Administrative agencies operate within budgets established by the president and congress, and they participate in the budgetary process. The process begins with the presidentâ€s budget instructions, conveyed through OMB, to the agencies. They then develop their budgets, which are consolidated and sent by the president to congress where the house and senate budget and appropriations committees do the bulk of the work, including holding hearings involving agency heads. Throughout, Congress, the president, and the agencies seek to promote their respective budgetary goals. Once the annual budget has been passed by the House and Senate and signed by the president, it takes effect on October 1, the starting date of the federal governmentâ€s fiscal year. Administrators are actively engaged in politics and policymaking. The fragmentation of power and the pluralism of the American system result in a contentious policy process, which leads government agencies to complete for power and resources. Accordingly, civil servants tend to have an agency point of view: They seek to advance their agencies, civil servants rely on their policy expertise, the backing of their clientele groups and the support of the president and Congress. Administrators are not elected by the people they serve, yet they will wield substantial independent power. Because of the bureaucracyâ€s accountability is a central issue. The major checks on the bureaucracy occur through the president, congress, and the courts. The president has some power to recognize the bureaucracy and the authority to appoint the political head of each agency. The president also has management tools that can be used to limit administratorâ€s discretion. Congress has influence on bureaucratic agencies through its authorization and funding powers and through various devices that can increase administratorâ€s accountability. The judiciaryâ€s role in ensuring the bureaucracyâ€s accountability is smaller than that of the elected branches, but the courts gave the authority to force agencies to act in accordance with legislative intent, established procedures, and constitutionally guaranteed rights. Internal checks on the bureaucrats the Senior Executive Service, administrative law judges, whistle blowing and demographics= representativeness are also mechanisms for holding the bureaucracy accountable.
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