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Purpose: To gain an understanding of complex medication regimen and the importance of the nurse’s role in patient teaching and safe administration of drug therapy.
You will have a total of 2 weeks to complete this project.
Follow the medication regimen that was given to you for a period of 7 days. You should also attempt to follow dietary guidelines based on your probable health conditions (i.e., diabetic, low salt, low fat, etc,) as well as monitor you weight, heart rate, and blood sugars if needed. You are encouraged to start the regimen in the next 2 days, but you should not start any later than the end of the week. It is expected that you take all “medications” as directed unless you have intolerance to glucose, allergies to one of the products, or are lactose intolerant.
Write a 3 page (APA, not including title or reference Page) reflective paper about your experience. Specifically address: A) any barriers you encountered in being adherent to your medication regimen B) any barriers you encountered in following dietary guidelines C) any tools you utilized to help you complete the exercise, which could improve patient safety D) the importance of patient preferences, values and background in providing patient centered care, and E) any other lessons you learned from this exercise.
Grading Rubric
Medication schedule (completed and on time) _____40
Reflective paper (with all required components) _____40
Grammar/spelling/APA format _____10
Survey completion _____10
Total _____10
These are the names of medications the patient is taking the diagnosis for these drug will be hypertension and diabetes.
Digoxin 0.125 mg tabs,
Take 1 tab by mouth daily.
Hydrochlothiazide 25 mg tabs
Take 1 tablet by mouth twice daily.
Glyburide 3mg tabs
Take 1 tablet by mouth daily.
Multivitamin tabs
Take 1 tablet by mouth daily
Folate 1 mg tabs
Take 1 tab by mouth daily
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