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***Please Note the change in due dates for this weekly discussion***
In lieu of our normal weekly discussion this week, each student has been randomly assigned a reader-review group to conduct peer review on the rhetorical-genre analysis memo.
By noon on Thursday, September 29, please post a draft of your rhetorical-genre analysis memo. As you draft your memo, please consider the 5 questions from the assignment sheet as jumping off points, but don’t simply answer the questions in the memo. You’ll want to consider and adhere to the conventions of a professional memo, and begin to consider document design principles as well.
When you post your draft, please include 2 questions about your draft that you want your classmates to address. The questions should focus on big picture issues–structure, organization, details, overall analysis, etc. You might, for example, ask your reviewers to consider places in the memo where they need additional information or support to better understand what you are communicating. Avoid asking reviewers to read for surface-level errors such as spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
Then, between noon on Thursday, September 29 and noon on Saturday, October 1, please respond to your groupmates’ drafts. When responding, address the following prompts:
1. What does the draft say to you? In other words, in what ways does the draft address the assignment? Where does the draft not meet the assignment?
2. Address the two questions the author posts.

and the final memo require in the PDF

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