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Write a 2-3 page (750‑1000 word) Description of a Process. It can describe either a mechanical (machine‑related) or natural process. Be sure that the opening paragraph contains a definition‑like statement (Process = Mode of change + Features which affect change). The opening paragraph should include a statement of the subprocesses, which should serve as a blueprint statement for the subsequent description. After the opening paragraph you will want to include a paragraph which describes the mechanism, in the case of a mechanical process, or a statement of the theory or principle at work, in the case of a natural process. Each supporting paragraph should include a description of the subprocess and of the conditions which control or identify the change pertaining to that portion of the subprocess.
Include headings (at least three), and at least one visual aid, appropriately labeled and linked to the textual narrative. Remember that the Description of a Process is an account of an activity which is not controlled throughout by human actions; human actions might start or stop the process, but once initiated, the process should be capable of continuing of its own accord. An account of a process directly controlled by human action is a procedure, not a process.
If you use information from a source, do not forget to credit the source!
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