Synthesis Essay

– write essay about the difficulty of learning English.

-5 paragraph (3 Ideas + intro and conclusion ) two papers

— you should use APA style

–you have to support your ideas from the two articles ( as example below)

My Theses statement are

-how the family’s experience with English language

-where they learn English

– The process of learning English.

For example ( this example for introduction and first paragraph and you can write whole essay simpler to the example)

Learning a new language can open new ways for you to communicate with the world. The new language can give you more advantages in your work or among your friends. Some people faced a difficulty of learn a second language because their culture or the environment that he or she learns language on it. Julia Alvarez is a Dominican-American author. Her story “ my English” tells about her experience of learning English. Amy Tan who born in California after her parents immigrated to the United States from China. She wrote “mother Tongue” about the difficulty that she faced of learning English and how make effect in her future. Both writer born in United States but they affected by the language that they speak at home. I will discuss in my essay how the family’s experience with English language, where they learn English, and the process of learning English.

Learning a new language in home that speaks that language will help the learner to learn quickly. The families always play a significant role of learning a new language because the learner can practise what they learn with their families. Alvarez’s story her family speak a perfect English, and that help her after she started attending the Carol Morgan School and they become a bilingual family. However, Tan’s family speak a broken English and that affected her language. She believe the sample language that she used with her family affected her result in achievement test, IQ test and the SAT.

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