Which health restoration practice for a cold would the nurse assess in a patient of English Catholic heritage?

Question 1 An older patient recalls family members using garlic for medicine. What purpose does garlic serve as a health care practice?

Select all that apply.

1. Forces other people to stay away

2. Belief that garlic keeps the evil spirits away

3. Cures a sore throat

4. Helps indigestion

Question 2 A group of nurses is talking about different ethnocultural practices regarding health that are followed within each of the nurses’ families. What purpose will this discussion serve?

Select all that apply.

1. Reawaken the types of HEALTH practices within each nurse’s family

2. Make known the similarities and differences across ethnic and religious groups

3. Help to realize that all people practice a certain amount of traditional medicine

4. Understand that nurses often delay in seeking professional healthcare

Question 3 A patient of the Austrian-American Jewish tradition tells the nurse how to treat boils. What will this patient most likely explain to the nurse?

1. Apply a fried chopped onion compress to the area.

2. Press cold tea bags to the area.

3. Apply a flaxseed poultice to the area.

4. Place hot Epsom salts on the area.

Question 4 Which dietary practice is followed by individuals of Swedish-American Protestant heritage to treat feeling run-down and tired?

eating a whole head of lettuce

Question 5 A patient recalls being told about various childhood illnesses by his mother. Why is heritage exploration often done through women?

1. Women are the guardians of the family’s health/HEALTH and nurturance.

2. Women live longer than men and can remember events better.

3. Women have a better recall of events within a family context.

4. Women are the authority figures within families.

Question 6 Which health restoration practice for a cold would the nurse assess in a patient of English Catholic heritage?

1. Rubbing the chest with Vicks

2. Drinking honey and vinegar

3. Gargling with water and vinegar

4. Drinking warm milk

Question 7 Which heritage group boils a beef bone, breaks up toast in the broth, and drinks as a HEALTH restoration practice for a headache?

1. German-Americans

2. Polish-Americans

3. Irish-Americans

4. Canadians

Question 8 Which actions are considered to be health restoration practices for individuals of Eastern European Jewish heritage?

Select all that apply.

1. Chicken soup

2. Glass of wine

3. Alcohol massage

4. All of the above

Question 9 Which action would a patient from Italian-American Catholic heritage perform to protect health?

1. Never washing hair before going outdoors

2. Keeping a kitchen warm

3. Drinking water with meals

4. Taking regular vitamin tonics

Question 10 Through a health history, the nurse learns that a patient’s parents were of Austrian Jewish heritage. Which health practices would the nurse most likely assess in this patient?

Select all that apply.

1. Baking bread

2. Eating homegrown fruits and vegetables

3. Wearing camphor around the neck

4. Gargling with salt water

Question 11 Which health protection activity would a patient of Iranian-American Moslem heritage practice?

Keep feet from getting wet inthe rain



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