write a minimum of 600 words on the film saint judy film is about attorney judy wood who leads a legal battle that changes the law for immigrants who seek asylum in the united states

Content: Forum reflections are very open-ended. You may discuss the film from whatever perspective (s) interests you, technically, theoretically, ideologically, culturally, and/or artistically.
If you’re searching for ideas on how to focus your writing and fulfill the above content requirement options (technical, theoretical, ideological, cultural, artistic), you may use one or more of the prompts/questions below to guide your writing:

1) Write an “Opinion and Evaluation” response to the film (see Corrigan pp. 15-18). This is a personal opinion essay, i.e. your reaction to the film. Was there a particular scene that you found compelling/moving?
2)Did the film have an impact on your world view, e.g. your attitudes concerning an issue raised by the filmmaker?
3) Select 1 or more elements of film techniques: mise-en-scene, image composition, editing, sound/music. Define the technique(s) you selected, then describe the most important instances in the film and then evaluate how those techniques add to the meaning of the specific shot, scene, or sequence.
4) Discuss the film culturally; compare and contrast ___ (the culture represented in the film) and “American” values as illustrated in the film.
5) Discuss the film in terms of content and cinematography, etc. Was there a particular shot/scene that caught your attention?
6) Do a “close reading” of a film and place it within the larger historical context.
7) Discuss the impact(s) of issues raised by the film on individuals and communities.
8) Identify representational practices of ethnicity, race, gender, and/or sexual orientation in the film.
9) What did you learn about the culture(s) represented in the film?
10) If you were to tell someone one of the stories shared in the film (documentaries), what narrative would you tell and why?
Don’t forget to include the following after each reflection:
1) Your word count
2) Cite required readings in-text and in a “Reference” section at the bottom of your reflection.
These are the required readings.

3) Ask a question
600 words not including references and title.
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