write an essay in which you present barbara dority s argument from quot the columbine tragedy countering the hysteria quot

Begin your paper by introducing Dority. Who is she? What is she writing about? Why do you think she is writing about this. Then lead into her argument as to who is to blame for school shootings. Dority believes that While some groups often blame the media or Goth subgroups for teen violence in schools, it is NOT the media or theses subgroups that are responsible. ( you may copy this thesis (or argument exactly as I have written it.
However, before you present evidence to support Dority’s argument, in this second paragraph tell about the groups who believe it is the Goths and media who are to blame. for school violence. Why do these groups say this? You can begin this paragraph with the sentence that says: While Dority doesn’t believe the media or Goth subgroups are to blame, many people do.
Begin your third paragraph by stating that there are many reasons Dority doesn’t believe that the media and the Goths are not to blame. Then present some of the reasons these groups are not to blame in this paragraph.
In a fourth paragraph, continue by discussing who or what is responsible for school violence, in Dority’s opinion. You can begin this paragraph by saying that Dority believes ______________ is/are to blame or partially to blame for school violence.
Next in a fifth paragraph explain what Dority believes should be done so that such violent acts are reduced?
In a sixth paragraph say that Before and after the Columbine shooting, there have been hundreds of school shootings. Then say that you will write about two of them. Here give the titles and authors of your sources. ( You will mention four sources here. After mentioning each source write one sentence to give the main focus of each source.
In a seventh paragraph, discuss the Sandy Hook school shooting and give the facts surrounding that school shooting including information about the perpetrator.
In an eighth paragraph, say that as with Dority many believe that the media and video games are not to blame for this school shooting. What does the article say that does not believe the media and video games are to blame say?
Next, in a new ninth paragraph explain how the Sandy Hook shooting was similar to or different from the Columbine shooting including the belief that the media was not to blame.
Repeat giving the information in paragraphs 10 – 12 above about the second school shooting. this shooting is about the Parkland School shooting. You will be writing three paragraphs here.
In the 10th paragraph discuss the Parkland school shooting and give the facts surrounding that school shooting including information about the perpetrator.
In the 11th paragraph say that different from Dority the author of an article believes that the media and video games are to blame for this school shooting. What does the author who believes the media and video games are to blame say?
In the 12th paragraph explain how the Parkland shooting was similar to or different from the Columbine shooting including the belief that the media was or was not to blame.
Finally, in a 13th paragraph write a conclusion to this paper. What have you learned about school shootings in general that you perhaps didn’t know?
Then in an additional concluding 14th paragraph say whether you find the Dority argument that the media is not to blame for school shootings convincing? Or do you believe that the media is to blame? Or do you have a different opinion regarding why the violence occurred at Columbine, Sandy Hook, and Parkland? Explain.
In an additional 15th concluding paragraph discuss what YOU think should be done to curb these shootings. (Do not just repeat what Dority said, but mention any ideas suggested in your sources. Then give your own ideas. Note: Altogether you will have about 15 paragraphs and maybe a few more. You have already written the first six paragraphs, though you should improve them as you write this paper again.
1. Quote 7 or more times, but no more than once in any paragraph. Don’t end a paragraph with a quote. All quotes must reflect the main idea of the paragraph Each quote should be paraphrased, explained, and commented on. Remember to follow the MLA rules for formatting quotes. You must quote at least once from each See the following link again about how to quote.
About Quotes
About Works Cited.-2
2. This paper must be at least 3 1/2 pages in length, but no longer than 6 pages in length.
3. Create a Works Cited page. I have created the Works Cited page for you. I don’t want you to worry about it. See below.
Once you have finished this revised rough draft, upload it at the link below on or before Saturday, 30 November 2019. I showed you how to do this in class. If you have forgotten, just click on the link and follow the directions.
Columbine Rough Draft
I will review your rough draft, comment on it and return it to you online. Then you will then revise it one more time before submitting a hard copy of the paper to me for grading at a date to be determined.
Note: The first line of a citation is not indented. The second and every subsequent line of a citation must be indented one tab space. I can’t indent in an HTML box. Also, the date you accessed the article may not be 28 November. That is the date I accessed the article.
Works Cited Page
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