You Decide: Voices of Texas: Elected or Appointed Judges?

You Decide: Voices of Texas: Elected or Appointed Judges?” and write an essay answering the following questions:

How well does the racial and gender composition of the judiciary reflect the demographics of the state’s population?
Should judges be elected or appointed?  What are the arguments for electing judges?  What are the arguments for appointing judges?
Should the selection system vary according to the type of judge? Why or why not?
How should judges be selected in Texas? Is there a way to make the process less political?
In the case of elected judges, should judges recuse themselves or abstain from cases that affect their largest campaign contributors?
How informed do you think the public is about judicial elections and judicial candidates?
If you were voting for a judge, would you take the time to learn about the candidates and their qualifications or would you vote based on party affiliation?

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